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The first time I say I love you, your face
crumbles. You look at me
the way man stares in terror
at the stars and the sea.

You grasp your head, fist
your hair, hiss, whisper why me
why me I am weak I am
dirt I am dust I am

Why you? Because
the earth is made of dust
and dirt and you are as
essential to me as earth
is to sky; you give me something
to set my sun against.

The dirt and the dust are not
weak. I could build a house
out of you; y
ou are the roof
when I rain.

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At ease, soldier. 

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#GOODBYE EVERYONE WE HAD OUR TIMES TOGETHER#bucky was drafted into a war he NEVER WANTED TO FIGHT then was hollowed into a vessel for war and nothing but.#his heart and mind were an impediment so hydra scraped him clean.#left nothing but the mechanics and the instinct and skill.#steve’s body was unfit for the war he BELIEVED he should fight so he was given a body that could—#bigger and more efficient but never a weapon for anyone’s using because his will was too strong and too present and too noble. (via digivolvin)

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Best character introduction ever …

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Sorry for the long post! Little storyboard I wanted to do, involving modern diner mermaids.

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The fact that this man on the bridge calls him ‘Bucky’ when everyone else calls him ‘the assetreally, really, fucking really screws with him. You can almost see the schematics of the programming whirring behind his eyes and that SPARK there, like he didn’t have a name before this stranger gave him one? Carries through to the next scene, which I am going to admit is my absolute favourite; oh my GOD. OH MY GOD he played it like a child who wants something like a child who really just WANTS THIS ONE TOY FOR CHRISTMAS like he’s trying to make his inner landscape come to life just so he knows he’s not crazy. ‘I knew him,’ he says, and iI bit teethmarks into my hand. It’s the single strain in his mind; the only thing strong enough to counter the kill order, and he keeps repeating it like a drowning man with a lifeline, the only thing in this haze. ‘But I knew him.’ he says; and he’s trying to CONVINCE Pierce as much as trying to state it - if it only exists inside his head (the head that’s been wiped so many times by so many people, the mind that’s been scrubbed clean and then frozen and scrubbed clean and then frozen - ) then does it really exist? ‘But I knew him.’ he’s trying to convince himself as much as anyone, he only wants to know that he hadn’t imagined it. He nods a little, to make his point. This usually works. This is his mission report. They always believe his mission report. It’s so obvious he doesn’t even think of himself as a person; he’s an asset, and he’s a tool (he would be MORE THAN CAPABLE of taking out the entire room, but he doesn’t; why? why?) and he’s never registered the need or even desire to be anything else until this day, and all he wants is to remember, because it threw him and it unsettled him and it’s for the mission and won’t you please let me remember - 


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man who cares about bald eagles have you ever seen a harpy eagle


or an african crowned eagle


or the crested eagle


the little eagle


the philippine eagle


black and white hawk eagle


and the bateleur eagle


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fifty shades renner 7/50

  • telegraph photoshoot october 2010

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Matt Rockefeller

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Venezia by helen-butler on Flickr.

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Journey To Make It Better (by Eric Rolph)


Journey To Make It Better (by Eric Rolph)

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